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Camera Systems

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Video / Camera System

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Monitoring System

When it comes to commercial security and camera systems, Progressive Alarms provides premium security camera solutions that will ensure full protection so your business is safe and sound.  Security systems manufactures we install, service, and offer monitoring for are 2GIG, Honeywell, DSC, DMP, and GE.  We specialize in all commercial businesses and offer high-definition camera systems by the industries top manufacturers Hikvision & Dahua that capture crisp and clear detail. We understand the importance of high-level image quality between 4mp -8mp so you can take full advantage of monitoring.  Many business owners have purchased a system and been underwhelmed with the quality after spending a pretty penny.  It is our goal to exceed your expectations with top notch equipment so you actually solve your problem when it comes to having to find license plates or faces from a distance.

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